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Table Mountain is a one of a kind formation as you can see in this view from just south of Beaver Mines. I had a bad feeling about the weather for this trip, but I decided to give it a shot anyway!The cliffs on the west summit are incredible as are the colors. The higher east summit is in the distance.Looking back towards the west summit from the true one. As you can see the views were extremely limited on this day.A few times the wind gusts were so intense that I was put in conditions worse than this and I had to wait for it to pass before continuing on.The sun made a brief appearance and gave the rocks a warm glow. Frozen Beaver Mines Lake can be seen below.The gnarled and dried out trees in this area are an interesting feature that you will not find further north in the Rockies.Here is a last look at the west summit as I was leaving the trailhead. This was definitely a memorable trip due to the adverse weather conditions!