Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Glasgow and Mount Cornwall, June 24, 2017
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After the long (but very interesting) hike up South Glasgow Creek, this view of Mount Glasgow was a welcome sight.I am not sure what these cool formations are, but they were all over one section of the creek bed.This is the view looking back down the final section of South Glasgow Creek just before I exited it. The three guys below kept me company all the way to the summit.The lower slopes of Glasgow were nothing more than a scree slog. Banded Peak is the obvious mountain on the right.Things got more interesting and challenging further up. This section of ridge is one of my favorite scramble sections I have ever done.Here is a closer look at Banded Peak.The long ridge in the distance is Nihahi with Moose Mountain beyond it on the right.I was excited to do the traverse over to Mount Cornwall. Even though there was quite a bit of snow on it, it never came into play.The guys I met earlier make a colorful exit. It is hard to tell in this shot, but they all have a fresh beer in their hands. All of them went on to do the entire Glasgow to Banded Traverse.The view north had a huge amount of familiar peaks including Mount Fisher (left of center).Mount Romulus (flat topped one) is one of the most unusual in the area and also one of my favourites. the high snowy peaks in the distance are Bogart and Sparrowhawk.Forgetmenot Ridge is visible on the left at the far end of South Glasgow Creek. The pointed mountain on the right is Threepoint.The final ridge on Cornwall was also very enjoyable. A young couple I met earlier are almost on the summit in this shot.Outlaw Peak was not part of my agenda today, but I will return to summit it and Banded someday. The highest peak on the right is Mount Rae.I was amazed at how far reaching the views were from Cornwall. The farthest visible peak in this shot is Mount Eon (just right of center). Mount Assiniboine was visible on other parts of this trip.My favorite shot from this whole trip was this one of Mount Glasgow. The lighting and clouds really add to its splendor!This shows the final two peaks in the Glasgow to Banded Traverse. I was not disappointed to not complete the whole circuit this time as I had an awesome day anyway.As I headed off of Cornwall, I was treated to this great view of Mount Fisher. Mount Lougheed is the snowy sunlit one on the left.Mount Glasgow looks amazing from the lower slopes of Cornwall.This was an amazing (although somewhat grizzly ) discovery down in the drainage. I believe this Bighorn Sheep Ram may have been the victim of a Bear, but it is hard to say what happened for sure.