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There were more fossils on this one rock than I have seen in my entire time exploring the mountains.I am pretty sure that they were all horn coral.One of the Mackay Hills almost looked like it was glowing when the sun found it through a hole in the clouds. Opal Ridge North is in the foreground.This unnamed outlier provided an interesting trip a few years back when I came up here in winter conditions.This was one of the most unusual and inexplicible things I have ever seen. I believe this in the result of a lowspot on the snowfield being exposed to meltwater and dirt. I could fit in the "cave."Mount Packenham and the Opal Range look great from up here!A close up of these strange melt patterns which I think started out as sun cups, but were cut deeper by meltwater and dark dust particles intensifying solar energy.From the summit you get this amazing view of the ascent valley below Mount Inflexible.The Fortress is one of my favorite mountains to look at and also a great scrambling trip.Mount Evan-Thomas, Packenham, Hood, Brock, and Blane all make up this imposing range to the southeast.As I stayed longer at the summit, other peaks like Mount Galatea and The Tower came out of the clouds. Fortress is also in this shot (on the right).This was the most beautiful lighting of the day and happened as I started going down. It was also my favorite view from this trip.This slope was my only safe access to the summit. It felt like it was over 40 degrees and on the way up it was hard enough to warrant ice axe and crampons. Glissading made for a quick descent.The outlier definitely grabs your attention when you are in this area.This final view shows the overhang (which I had no idea existed when I ascended it a while back).Icebergs floating on a small tarn were a highlight of my time here.I love this photo!While waiting for better weather to ascend James Walker earlier in the day I did a side trip to the outlier on the right of this photo.Mount Smith-Dorrien, French, Unnamed, and Murray all rise above this interesting boulder in the upper basin above James Walker Creek.The more difficult ascent of James Walker begins on the pile of scree just right of center this photo.