Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Rummel Ridge" and Beyond, February 11, 2012
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Commonwealth Peak look great in the early morning light.The snow on these dead branches looked like a prehistoric animal to me (the head on the left with a dark patch for the eye.)These snowshoes were my Christmas gift and they worked great! I had only been snowshoeing once before with a pair of heavy rentals.Cone Mountain blocks cloud to the west with the frozen Spray Lake below.Mount Assiniboine had bizarre clouds hovering above it for most of my trip.The summit of "Rummel Ridge" was rewarding, but I knew better views were achieved by continuing east.My first view of Mount Galatea prompted me to head up the ridge on the left.Looking west to "Rummel Ridge" with two people on the summit. Mount Birdwood is the highest peak in the distance.Mount Robertson and Mount Sir Douglas are a couple of giants nearby.This is as high as I got on the west ridge of The Tower.Once again, Assiniboine looking very cool.This was my favorite view of the day, Mount Galatea from the lower flanks of The Tower.