Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Rawson Ridge, November 28, 2015
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The early morning sun highlights Mount Lyautey and Mount Putnik. Steam rises from one of the few spots on Upper Kananaskis Lake that has not completely frozen yet.These amazing Hoar Frost crystals covered a vast area of the south shoreline of Upper Kananaskis Lake. I had never seen anything so large or intricate before.Mount Putnik is one of the most stunning peaks in this area and looked especially exquisite on this visit.The smooth lake ice contrasts with the jagged crystals spread across its surface.When I first arrived to the lakeshore it was incredibly silent, but every once and a while the ice would shift and emit sounds like muted Star Wars lasers or whale song. It was very eery!Mount Sarrail's summit catches the only light this basin will see all day. Rawson Lake is below it, completely frozen and covered in snow.The views for the next few hours were limited, but I still found beauty in the shadow patterns on top of the deep snow as I ascended.This Rocky Mountain Goat appeared less than 50 feet away from me as I topped out on the ridge. Unfortunately my camera lens was fogged until he was quite a distance away, so this is my best shot.Mount Pocaterra and Tyrwhitt are in the distance on the left with The Turret and Mount Fox on the right. Rawson Lake's East end can be seen in the shadows on the right.Mount Lyautey rises above Hidden Lake with Mount Sir Douglas in the distance just right of center.The patterns on the ice were fascinating and I could still hear the bizarre sounds of the "Singing Lake" phenomenon.Here is a closer look at Mount Sir Douglas and Mount Robertson.Mount Indefatigable is reflected onto both smooth ice and some unfrozen sections of the lake. Peaks of the Opal Range are on the right.Part of Mount Sarrail can be seen in the foreground with Lyautey and Hidden Lake beyond. I cannot believe how calm the conditions were on this entire trip, what a gorgeous day!