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Seeing this Pine Marten up close was incredible! I have never seen one of these creatures before in over three decades of activities in the mountainsThe first false summit of Cascade is quite fun if you stick to the ridge. It is not as steep as it looks.Mount Louis (on the right) is one of the most distinctive mountains in Banff National Park. My wife and I have been in the valley that goes right below it during our Cory Pass Loop trip.The path that skirts the second false summit is not difficult, but the severe drop off to the south definitely made me more uneasy than usual.The spectacular Goodsirs rise above Storm Mountain and Mount Whymper.Mount Rundle's two summits dominate with many of Kananaskis's highest peaks visible to the southeast.This jagged stretch of peaks includes Selkirk on the left and Split on the right. Mount Nelson near Radium is even visible in this shot just to the right of the peak in the center.Elliott poses in front of a hazy Banff townsite and an ocean of peaks to the south. He is an Australian I met on the way up and had some great stories to share.This is the main reason I wanted to scramble Cascade; the very best view of Lake Minnewanka. Devil's Head is on the extreme left, Costigan is centre, with Inglismaldie and Girouard in the foreground.The other driving force behind my visit was this great angle of my favorite mountain, Mount Assiniboine. Sulphur Mountain gondola station is on the forested ridge in the lower left.This plume of smoke behind Old Goat Mountain was part of a control burn in the Buller Creek area. The winds were in my favor and thankfully the views were not jeopardized.Mount Rundle is better to look at than scramble I have been told. Mount Lougheed, Sparrowhawk, and the Three Sisters are just to the left of it.Here is another angle of the airy traverse below the false summit.As I descended the air cleared so I had to take another shot of Rundle.Assiniboine again from lower on Cascade's slopes. Mount Aye is on the left and Sturdee is on the right. I could not get enough of this view!