Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Temple, August 2, 2009
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Once above Sentinel Pass you get this aerial view of Larch Valley and some of the "Ten Peaks." L-R: Bowlen, Tonsa, Perren, Allen, Tuzo, and Deltaform.The amazing views start early when ascending Mount Temple. Minnestimma Lake (beside the trail) provided a refreshing swim later in the day!Here I am at the summit of the highest peak I have ever scrambled (3543m). There was no wind and it must have been around 15 degrees Celcius! Photo by So Nakagawa.Turquoise-colored Moraine Lk. sits nearly 1690 metres below. Above it are Mt. Babel, Fay Glacier, and Mt. Fay. The Wenkchemna Peaks are on the right and Consolation Lks. are in the valley on the left.I joined a group from the Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club on this day. From left to right are: So, Arina, Ali, Palo, and Wil in the orange shirt.Even with forest fire smoke the view towards Mount Deltaform and the distant Goodsirs was fabulous. Eiffel Peak and Pinnacle peak are in the lower right corner.Mount Hungabee, Ringrose, and Glacier Peak tower above the Horseshoe Glacier and its unnamed lake. I love the shape of this tarn!Four scramblers make their way up the final ascent ridge. This view to the southwest is one of my all-time favorite views in the Rockies.