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The ridge offers many previews of what is to come as you ascend. The Opal Range dominates the view east.Mount Brock towers above King Creek Ridge.The twin peaks of Mount Denny look great with a fresh layer of snow. The complex cliffs in the foreground belong to Opal Ridge and Grizzly Peak.Here is So posing part way up the Ridge. He was a very good sport considering how deep and wet the snow was. Even though he brought snowshoes, he chose not to wear them because I didn't have any.This is the fantastic summit view. Mount Evan-Thomas is the one on the left and is the highest in the Opal Range.Mount Packenham is my favorite Opal peak. This is the most amazing view I have ever had of it. "Packenham Junior" is the smooth bump in the lower left corner. It has a great summit view.This view southeast features Mount Wintour, Elpoca Mountain, and Gap Mountain. The hazy peak in the far distance is Mount Rae with its summit hidden behind Elpoca.Looking northwest to North Kent and the true summit of Mount Lawson.So starts the descent in the deep isothermic snow.Mount Blane and the Blade are also stunning features of the Opal Range.The beautiful Gap Mountain (on the right) rises above Spillway Lake as we approach the trailhead.