Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Stewart, July 28-30, 2017
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I have taken photos of Mount Chephren and the Lower Waterfowl Lake from this spot before, but I could not resist stopping again as conditions were perfect this day. Howse Peak is on the left.After leaving the Nigel Pass area, you area greeted with this view of the upper Brazeau River CanyonThe ridge on the east side of the valley was incredible to see with its salmon colored rock and massive smooth slab left behind after a catastrophic slide.The turquoise braided streams and perfectly flat sections of lush green vegetation were a sharp contrast to the rockfall. The mountain in the distance is one I call "Nigel Pass Peak."This gorgeous glaciated peak is just west of Cataract Pass and is unnamed.These large arachnids (I believe it is a Wolf Spider) were everywhere and were actually really shy. The only reason I got this shot is because it was out on the snow and could not hide.Here is a wider shot of the scenery just before Cataract Pass.I loved the way the sun reflected off the braided streams as I looked back from the ascent slopes to Cataract Pass.This tarn was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and I believe it is unnamed.As I gained elevation, more of the tarn was revealed. There were even smaller tarns feeding into to it.This was one of the most magical views of the trip. The picture does not do it justice.This is the view of what I call "Desolate Peak" taken from my bivy spot on the first night. Mount Stewart's ascent slopes can be seen on the left.This was my first time in the White Goat Wilderness Area. I definitely felt like I was somewhere remote!This unnamed mountain was the most prominent feature in the area. I read on one website that it was jokingly christened "The Murderhorn.""Desolate Peak" looks great from the lower slopes of Mount Stewart. It was from the top of this mountain that I got my first glimpse into the White Goat Wilderness.Even though this shot is not taken from the summit, it is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. The unnamed horn mountain and "Desolate Peak" looked amazing from this angle.More great views on the way up. Cirrus Mountain is the center with Mount Saskatchewan to its right in the haze.The drop of on the east side of Mount Stewart was a bit intimidating, luckily it was not windy!This hanging glacier on the peak just east of Cirrus was stunning.The Cloister Mountains rise to the southeast and I would guess that they do not see many visitors. Mount Cline is on the distant right horizon.