Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Windy Point Ridge, October 17, 2015
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Riley poses on the most interesting part of this trip. The true summit is further north and has a limited view.Banded Peak, Threepoint mountain, Mount Cornwall, and Mount Glasgow make up most of what can actually be seen from the summit.Riley raises his pole in victory as he stands on this modest summit. Bluerock Mountain is the highest peak on the left.The lighting over the foothills to the south was great as we went back down to Sharon and Amy.It's too bad we missed the great fall colors of the Aspens, but at least this isolated boulder was interesting to look at.When we first got to this point a couple of birdwatchers had a plastic Horned Owl on a long post in hopes of attracting angry hawks or eagles.This was a great little trip in amazing weather.Sharon and Amy chose not to continue to the true summit, but they were high enough to enjoy great views nonetheless.The rolling grassy slopes of this area are very inviting. Junction Mountain is the highest of the silhouettes to the southwest.