Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Rummel Ridge" II, January 11, 2015
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Mike Kramer joined me on this day and was definitely one of the most enthusiastic snowshoe companions I've gone on a trip with.We felt very privelaged to be treated to a temperature inversion which created amazing cloud-filled valleys below a perfectly clear sky. Mount Birdwood dominates this shot.Our first glimpse of the gorgeous Mount Galatea. Not long after this I broke through the crust into some exceptionally soft snow around a tree well and had to be rescued as I was waist deep!Mount Engadine Rises above another cool phenomenon called a Brocken Spectre. It is hard to see in this photo, but the circular rainbow actually had my shadow in its center.I have never experienced anything like this on any hike before and it is not something I will soon forget! At some points it felt as though we could jump out on to the tops of the clouds.Mount Galatea is a stunning peak from this angle. Last time I was here I continued up the ridge on the left, but the avalanche danger kept me away this time.Rummel Ridge was just the perfect height to experience how incredible these clouds were.I feel so spoiled on days like this.Mike gets ready to descend back into the clouds. Mount Assiniboine is directly above him.Mount Smuts was clear when we first got to the summit, but I thought it looked more impressive when this started to happen.I never tire of seeing Hoar Frost backed by a clear blue sky.Mike was able to find his $300 sunglasses after they got knocked off while bushwhacking earlier in the trip. The knife he is holding is to show what his wife would have done if they remained lost!