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Tosh McMillen poses in a large snowfield that we had to cross in order to gain the pass. Note the patch of pink Snow Algae below him aka "Watermelon Snow."Dolomite Peak shows off its one of a kind strata. I was really impressed by the two sharp pinnacles just above the center of this photo.There were numerous Hoary Marmots near the pass. This one came close to us to investigate where someone had relieved themselves. We speculated it could somehow sense the salt.As you gain the pass you get this great view back to the lower of two tarns. Dolomite Peak is still just visible left of Bow Peak's northern cliffs.Tosh was very enthusiastic and great company on this trip. The impressive cliffs above him are the south end of the unofficially named "BowCrow Peak."The true summit of "BowCrow Peak" towers over the two tarns in the pass. We both had intentions of  swimming out to the rock in the middle of the one surrounded by snow later in the day.This high point on the north end of the ridge made for an irresistible detour as well as a great photo opportunity. Mount Jimmy Simpson and Bow Lake are on the left with Cirque Peak on the right.We were both mesmerized by the turquoise waters of Hector Lake. Mount Temple can be seen in the haze on the left with pointy Mount Daly on the right.The heavily glaciated east face of Mount Balfour also really grabbed our attention. We could hear the distant roar of waterfalls coming from many mountains in its general direction.A massive thunderhead appears beyond Quartzite Peak, Ramp Peak, and Mosquito Mountain. We would later end up right under one of these storms on the drive home.Tosh stands next to the huge cairn on the summit of Bow Peak. We were extremely fortunate to have such great weather all day!The panorama to the south was incredible! Even with smoke coming in from the BC fires we could still see (although just barely) Mount Assiniboine nearly 100 km away!The size of the remnant cornices attest to how windy it can get up here. The mountains on either side of Tosh are Nosseum and Andromache with the high snowy peak in the middle being Cataract.Mount Hector and it's sub peak "Little Hector" (on the left) rise an incredible distance above the Bow Valley. Sometime I want to give "Little Hector" a try.Tosh surveys the view towards nearby Crowfoot Mountain and Bow Lake. My truck is parked on the side of the highway just right of the light green patch above his head.I thought one more visit to this outcrop was in order. Dolomite Peak looks ominous as a cloud shadow darkens it's summit.I took a similar shot earlier in the trip, but I thought the same scene looked quite different with the evening light.There were a lot of these Orb-weaver Spiders on the slopes of Bow. I am not sure exactly what species this one is though.Here is the tarn that beckoned earlier in the trip. Tosh gave it his best and got in the water knee deep, but the cold was too much in the end.Tosh took this picture of me with his iphone. I had never done this before and could feel the cold penetrate deep into my tissues and I started hyperventilating. It was exhilarating!