Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mist Mountain, September 27, 2015
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I have photographed Mount Mcphail from this angle before, but I thought the rich morning light on its extremely dry slopes made for a totally different take on this awesome peak.The gentle slopes of Mist Ridge and Nameless Ridge contrast with the jagged peaks beyond. The only named mountain in the distance is Highwood Peak, the one directly above Nameless Ridge.This Crinoid Fossil almost looked man-made and is the best one I have ever seen.The big peak in the center of this shot is Mount Loomis. Below it are the slopes of Odlum Ridge with a generous covering of golden Larch Trees.The false summit of Mist was stunning from the sub-peak to the east. The final section narrowed considerably and had hard snow which would give me problems later.After chopping steps in the hard snow with my ice axe and donning crampons I reached the remaining ridge to the summit. It posed no more difficulties although it was narrow for the final few meters.This is the view west from the third highest peak I have ever climbed. Mount Lipsett looks insignificant directly below while even giants like Abruzzi and Joffre are too far way to stand out much.The ridge to the north connects to Storm Mountain and Mount Rae (in shadow) and looks daunting. The very triangular mountain on the distant right is Banded Peak.This is the Highwood Pass area with the long brownish ridge in the foreground being Highwood Ridge. Mount Joffre is still hiding in the clouds on the left.The sheer drop on the east side was incredible! The Picklejar Lakes area is beyond in the center of this shot.I love the way the false summit looked on the way back. This shot does not portray how steep the very top was though.Back down in the cirque more dramatic lighting awaited. It was completely silent in here.The sub peak of Mist looks very fore-shortened from the pass below Nameless Ridge.Odlum Ridge rises just beyond the highway as I make my way down the trail in Nameless Valley.This is some of the best lighting I have seen on Mist Mountain. The true summit is on the left, Nameless Ridge is below it in the foreground.