Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Windtower II, November 11, 2012
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I did not take the usual route up the Windtower via West Wind Pass, but instead started further south and went straight up.It isn't very often that you get to see trees weighted down with snow in an area prone to high winds such as this. Mount Nestor and Old Goat Mountain are above Spray Lake.Mount Lougheed's Peak 1 looks like a giant shark fin from this vantage point.I really love this area and don't mind repeating some of the trips here. Mount Nestor is on the right with Mount Smuts, Tent Ridge, and Mount Shark beyond on the left.Mount Lougheed really steals the show on this trip. I really enjoyed watching the wind blow snow over the col.Rimwall is another great scramble and its cliffs can really be appreciated from this aspect. The Three Sisters are behind it.Everytime I go out in the winter I am impressed with how conditions can change the properties of snow so dramatically. I found this wind-sculpted snow fascinating.The last part of the Windtower is still quite easy and gives you no warning of the huge drop off on the other side.The gorgeous summit view in -20 degrees Celcius conditions.I've seen this view of Mount Lougheed before, but it is definitely worth returning to especially in winter conditions.Rimwall and Little Sister looking especially frigid with the snow blowing off the cliff face.On the way back down I was treated to quite an ethereal setting with ice crystals in the air and the sun reflecting off the water.More impressive snow loaded trees. I don't believe I have ever seen anything like this on any previous scrambles.A panorama from the summit showing the other peak on Windtower and an amazing sky above some of northern Kananaskis.