Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Crystal Ridge," May 19, 2012
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I couldn't have asked for better weather or snow conditions on this trip!The snow had such a hard crust from the overnight freeze that my snowshoes only scuffed the surface. Later in the day the snow turned isothermic and I broke through up to my waste in some places.In the foreground is the first highpoint of "Crystal Ridge" as seen from the second one. Bow Lake is visible center right.Mount Assiniboine makes an appearance to the left of Bow Peak. What is amazing is that it is over one hundred km away!I cannot help but photograph Mount Chephren (pointed one) every time I see it.I have never seen this angle of Dolomite Peak before and it looked great with snow accenting its strata.Looking south towards the Bow Valley with Mount Hector on the left and Bow Peak on the right. Mount Assiniboine is in the extreme distance.These cool rocks were just north of the highest peak. Cirque Peak is on the right.Here is a closeup of Dolomite's amazing northern cliffs.You can just make out the outline of Helen Lake amongst the vast snowfields in the basin to the east.Portal Peak and a small chunk of the Wapta Icefield are visible to the west.This was definitely one of the most photogenic cornices I have ever seen. It is just north of the third peak I ascended.Here is another shot of the Bow Lake surrounds with "Little Crowfoot" on the left, Portal Peak center, and Mount Thompson on the right.My last view of Chephren on the way down. Even 25 km distant it was one of the show stealers.Bow Peak and Crowfoot Mountain rise above some interesting cliffbands seen on the way down.