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I am pretty certain that this is a Lewis Monkeyflower. I don't believe they can be found further north in Alberta.Rob joined me on this 22 km journey and I am very thankful that he was willing to continue on to two more summits after Lineham Ridge. The crazy looking plants on the right are Bear Grass.Rob took this shot of me on a high ledge just past the summit of Lineham Ridge. Mount Lineham is the pointed orange peak in the distance.Rob heads to the second un-named summit with Glacier National Park's Chapman Peak and Mount Custer on the hazy horizon. I think visibility was limited due to humidity and UV rays.Rob gives a sense of scale to the cliffs in this area.Mount Blakiston is the highest peak in Waterton Lakes National Park and looks like a challenging ridgewalk from this angle.This was the view from along the ridge on the second peak. All four of the Lineham Lakes are visible far below.The smooth silhouette of Akamina Ridge Contrasts with Kintla and Kinnerly Peaks in Montana.Dramatic lighting set in as we walked towards Mount Hawkins. What a gorgeous area!Mount Lineham as seen from the summit of Mount Hawkins. We were the only ones up here, but we did pass a couple on the way up who were doing the Hawkins Horseshoe.Rob descends the gentle slopes of Mount Hawkins.Mount King Edward and Starvation Peak are eye-catchers seen beyond the ridge we travelled on earlierThis was my favoite view of the day! Surprisingly it was better than all the summit views (or at least I thought so!).One more shot of Bear Grass as we drop back down into the valley.