Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Ha Ling Peak/GR123573/Miners Peak, February 20, 2011
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This is the view from Ha Ling looking towards Mount Lawrence Grassi with Miners Peak and GR123573 below it.Pilot Mountain is the most eye catching peak in the distance.Mount Rundle makes an appearance with EEOR and its massive cliffs in the foreground.This is the connecting ridge to GR123573. I made it to the part just below where it got too steep, icy, and exposed for my comfort.Finally on the summit of Miners Peak I got a new perspective of Ha Ling's amazing cliffs.Here is a close up of Ha Ling from Miners Peak.This is my favorite view of the day taken from just above the col. I prefer to be looking at Ha Ling as opposed to being on the summit.A final shot just past the slabs in the col. Highway #1, Harvie Heights, and the north end of Canmore are visible on the right.