Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Black Rock Mountain II, April 21, 2012
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My first great views of Devil's Head after fighting with isothermal snow for a few hours.The lookout is visible atop the summit once you reach the plateau.Mount Aylmer is quite striking from this angle.Devil's Head is hard to not look at when you are on Black Rock Mountain. The surrounding snow makes it especially appealing.Here is the beautiful old lookout built in 1928 and abandoned since 1950.The view from the lookout keeper's perspective.Everyone seems to think it is necessary to leave their mark.I really want to explore the ridges to the west someday. Castle Rock is the mountain on the right.This little eye catching outcrop doesn't seem to have an official name, but in Gillean Daffern's K-Country book the map refers to it as "The Prow".Hiking on the plateau is surreal with such a gorgeous backdrop.This shows the route from the plateau to the summit. Tons of snow!More of the great scenery.This Bighorn Sheep ram was busy trying to win over a nearby ewe.This was my favorite view and angle of Devil's Head. I believe that some refer to the mountain to the left as Poltergeist Peak. Just gorgeous!Back at the rough 4X4 road you can see the entirety of Black Rock Mountain.