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I figured a good way to introduce Rob Laird and Dakota Mantyka to the Many Glacier area was to check out the "postcard" view of Grinnell Point towering over Swiftcurrent Lake.Dakota and Rob take a quick water break above the labyrinth of small cliff bands on the lower mountain. Mount Grinnell is the pointed peak above them.This Mormon Cricket was a really cool discovery on the open slopes above tree line. I had never seen one before.Mount Gould and Mount Grinnell rise above Dakota as he makes his way up the most tedious part of the mountain.The suffering was made worthwhile as we topped out on the col and got our first view of Kennedy Lake.Mount Henkel was not technical via our chosen route, but the views were probably better than what you see on the popular ascent.Rob poses next to a huge drop off above Kennedy Lake with Crowfeet Mountain directly above him.As Dakota takes the final steps toward the summit he is backed by the amazing Mount Wilbur, Iceberg Peak, and Iceberg Lake.Altyn Peak was my original objective for the day, but when I found an easier route up Henkel I decided it would have a superior summit view. Lake Sherburne is on the left with East Flattop above.The drop to Kennedy Lake was exhilirating and the strong wind made me nervous to get too close to the edge. Glaciated Mount Merritt is in the upper left corner.Iceberg Peak and Iceberg Lake look fantastic from the top of Henkel.The blocky terrain below the summit was probably the most interesting part of the mountain. You can just make out Rob on top of the ridge.Ipasha Peak, Mount Merritt, and Mount Cleveland tower above Ptarmigan Wall. Cleveland is Glacier National Park's highest mountain.As always I find it hard to not take too many photographs of the most stunning peaks! To the left of Mount Wilbur is Swiftcurrent Mountain and the lookout on top is barely visible.Dakota and Rob work their way back to the col. Both guys did a great job on this rugged off trail route!This was the most gorgeous view of the day, especially with the late day lighting. Crowfeet Mountain and the red-colored Seward Mountain make up the backdrop to the indigo waters of Kennedy Lake.Mount Henkel was an awesome introduction into scrambling in Glacier National Park as well as a great first substantial American summit.Here is a summit panorama looking west. The number of lakes visible on this trip was astounding.