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Day two of my family vacation began with a stop beside the highway to get this view of Confederation Peak and Mount Columbia in the distance on the right.Even seen from 50 km away, Alberta's highest peak is stunning.Mount Christie and Brussels Peak are visible above the Athabasca river at another must see roadside stop.Later in the day the weather took a turn for the worse on The Whistler's, but my family and I were still treated to great views such as this one of Mount Bridgeland.We did cheat a little and took the tram, but even so we still had to go up another 200 metres or more to the summit. Mount Edith Cavell is the large snowy peak in this shot.Here are Riley, Amy, and Sharon at the blustery, but beautiful top. Terminal Mountain is the colorful one to the right of Sharon.Mount Christie and Brussels Peak look unusual from this angle. Cavell Meadows are directly below.I love the colors on Pyramid Mountain as well as the boulder in the foreground!On a clear day the mighty Mount Robson would have been visible on the upper right horizon in this shot.Here is the tram station with Pyramid Mountain directly above.Riley poses with a lonely looking summit.