Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Windsor Mountain, July 23-24, 2015
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Table Mountain is a beautiful little peak in the Castle Wilderness. I have been it up twice, both times in less than perfect weather unfortunately.I took my truck down South Castle Road as far as I could go and even removed large rocks from the center to avoid damaging the vehicle's undercarriage, but eventually it got too narrow and rough.These Brown-eyed Susans were some of the showier flowers I encountered while I was biking to the base of the mountain.After skirting the first major cliffs on the ridge, I scrambled up a small promontory only to have to go back down it! These small cliff bands are on the correct ridge.Here is the first clear view of Windsor's summit. It is hard to believe that the other side has a sheer drop off!The dark peaks in the distance are Kinnerly and Kintla in Montana. Font Mountain is the interesting peak below them with the closest being Mount Matkin on the right.Once I topped out on the ridge I had to decide the most feasible way up Windsor's slopes. The curved ridge on the left worked out great, but I didn't tackle it until the next morning.This is my bivy location just before dark wIth Castle Peak's summit poking up on the left. Thanks to unidentified nocturnal buzzing insects I didn't get much sleep unfortunately.The next day I was treated to incredible views of Castle Peak and an interesting knob on the connecting ridge between it and Windsor.Just below the summit Prairie Bluff, Victoria Peak, and Pincher Ridge make an appearance. I have been up Prairie and Pincher, but have yet to tackle Victoria.This is my motivation for coming up here, the one of a kind Castle Peak. What a gorgeous mountain!On the horizon are the American peaks Kinnerly, Kintla, and Long Knife. Mount Matkin dominates in the foreground. It was nice to not see logging scars here.The eastern cliffs from Castle to right below where I was standing were incredible. Mount Gladstone is the colorful peak on the right and a great destination in this area.These ridges to the south looked inviting. It is hard to distinguish, but Victoria Ridge in the upper left is a spot I have explored. Mount Blakiston in Waterton is the highest peak in this shot.I couldn't have asked for more dramatic lighting on this great landscape. Mount Darrah is the highest to the left of Castle.Gladstone and an unnamed smaller peak show off their vivid colors amongst the cloud shadows.Some people think the summit block of Castle looks like two feet. It's interesting how some people look for human traits in rock formations.This strange guy was at the summit of Windsor. I believe it is a Short-winged Toothpick Grasshopper.It was hard to leave this area, but I knew I had a tricky downclimb followed by a long bike ride back to the truck.Water was scarce on this trip, so when I found this spring I drank as much as I could!