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Johnson Lake loop is a great family hike near Banff. Cascade Mountain can be seen at the far end.This neat little cabin is just west of the lake. It was home to a hermit for a long time until some youths found him in poor condition and he was relocated to Banff.I have never seen so many Calypso Orchids as we saw around Johnson Lake. These flowers can be easily overlooked even though they are so beautiful as they are tiny.Bighorn Sheep love this open patch of grass is by the road on the way to Mount Norquay Ski Resort. Mount Rundle looks like the bow of a ship in the distance and dwarfs Tunnel Mountain (in shadow).Amy poses beside this Cottonwood which is tenaciously clinging to the banks of the Bow River in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.Sharon took this photo of a male Rufous Hummingbird about to be banded. Susanne Maidment does this each year and the kids were lucky enough to each get to hold a hummingbird!Riley really enjoyed exploring the Hoodoos and eroded landscape of Dinosaur Provincial Park.This is one of the most noticeable formations in Dinosaur Provincial Park. Riley gives it some scale.Amy looks completely calmed by the flowing water and lush greenery of Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.The kids pose atop the nicest falls along the Big Hill Springs trail.This is just one of many fantastic fossils that Riley and I found on a rockslide above Elbow Lake.This is the aerial view of Elbow Lake you get when you climb the rockslide to the north.Riley shows off one of the fossils he discovered.Yet more great fossils on this slope!Sharon, Riley, and Amy look like they enjoyed this trip to Elbow.As we were driving away from the Elbow Lake trailhead we were fortunate enough to get a good look at this sow Grizzly bear and her cub as they walked beside the road.Amy seems a little apprehensive about being so close to this beautiful Barn Owl at the Alberta Birds of Prey Center.Riley keeps his hat from flying off while on the blustery top of Bear's Hump in Wateron National Park. Vimy Peak, Waterton Lakes, and the townsite are behind him.This was one of the hottest summers ever so exploring the creek in gorgeous Red Rock Canyon was a great option.