Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Nigel Pass Peak," July 21, 2013
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This unnamed peak caught my attention with all the lush vegetation on its huge avalanche path.Elephant's Head are a bizarre, but beautiful flower that seem to like marshy areas near meadows.Nigel Creek was close at hand on nearly the entire approach to this peak. The summit can just be seen in the distance.This large boulder was the only one on the entire west slope which leads me to believe it was transported here atop a glacier that no longer exists.Nigel Peak looks impressive from this angle, but it is hard to compete with the view of it from what I call "August Peak."Just before Cataract Pass is this incredible bi-colored peak showing evidence of a massive rock slide.On the left is a mountain I call "Desolate Peak," unnamed on the right, and Mount Cline in the distant center. "Desolate" is one of my favorite scrambles ever (mostly for the view)."August Peak" is the brownish mountain in the center of this shot. This is yet another of my very favorite destinations in the Rockies. Mount Alberta is above, left of center.Mount Forbes looks its grandest from this aspect. I would love to get a closer look.Here I am at the summit of "Nigel Pass Peak." There are so many awesome unnamed mountains to scramble in this area!Sunwapta Peak shows up beyond a dramatic looking peak with no official designation. I think Eric Coulthard calls this "Beauty 7."Mount Forbes, Saskatchewan, Bryce, and Alexandra top out this expansive view to the south.Lots more to explore around here!I really like the multicolored lakes below Nigel Peak's southeast outlier.More views of the Cataract Pass area.Starting to descend with Mount Athabasca On the right. The waterfall on the lower right was actually quite loud even though it was so far away.A close up of Cataract Pass and "Desolate Peak."I love exploring new valleys. I had never been out this way before."Nigel Pass Peak" and the Nigel Pass environs looked great as I headed back in the late day light.I already have Indian Paintbrush photos, but I couldn't resist taking more.