Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Ridge North of Saskatoon Mountain, February 2, 2013
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The extremely demanding snowshoe conditions were worth all the trouble with views like this one of Crowsnest Mountain emerging from the clouds.I believe this is Mount Coulthard to the south of Coleman.I have never seen the Seven Sisters this clearly and in such incredible lighting.The summit of this ridge was just above the trees enough to allow incredible views like this. I couldn't have asked for clearer conditions.I have alway liked this green lichen and it looked especially interesting on this dead tree.Turtle Mountain and Hillcrest Mountain rise above Blairmore. Castle Peak can just be made out to the right of Turtle.It was hard to stop photographing Crowsnest Mountain! I thought that this nicely shows details on its strata.Lenticular clouds are one of the most amazing formations in the sky over the Rockies. Robertson Peak is on the right.The ridge in front of Seven Sisters might make a good future trip.I love this mountain!Untouched snow with interesting shadows like this are one of the draws of snowshoeing trips.Here is the more classic view of Crowsnest mountain from west of Coleman.Just west of Longview on the way home I was treated to the best Chinook Arch sunset ever!A panorama of Crowsnest Mountain and Seven Sisters from earlier in the day.