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Gibraltar Mountain is probably the most incredible peak in the Sheep River area. The north face is over 700 metres high! If you look closely the moon is in the sky to the right of the cliffs.The floods of 2013 claim another victim. On the way to the mountain I didn't trust this bridge so I forded the icy Sheep River, but on the way back I risked going over to avoid getting sore feet.These beautiful falls are past the point where most people start to head towards the ridge. The surrounding banks have had most of their vegetation removed from last years floods.I chose to gain the ridge via these scree slopes. Gibraltar's north face looked even more impressive from up here.This is where I intersected the ridge and you can see the false summit ahead. Staying on the slabs made for a more challenging ascent.Mount Rae shows up above Gibraltar and Tombstone Mountain is visible in the distant center.The only named peak in this photo is Mist Mountain which is on the extreme right.To the southeast the highest points are Junction Mountain and Pyriform Mountain. The valley below them has an incredible three-tiered waterfall.Gibraltar still looks great, but doesn't stand out as much when you are up this high.Bluerock Mountain is the peak left of center in this shot with Moose Mountain in the extreme distance. Mount Ware (a trip I did earlier this year) is the small bald top ridge on the right.More of Mount Rae is visible in this shot with distant Mount Sir Douglas hiding in the clouds to its right and Elpoca Mountain on the far right.Junction Lookout is visible on the left orange-colored ridge. Beyond is the daunting expanse of the Canadian Prairies.Some of the rock formations on Mount Burns' outlier look impossible to climb.One last look at the ridge I ascended and the scree slopes on the left that I negotiated earlier in the day.