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I was really excited to scramble in the David Thompson area as I had never explored here before. This is Elliot Peak as seen from the mud flats that are created when Abraham Lake's levels are low.Siffleur Mountain is the highest peak in this shot looking south across the lake.I have never driven any vehicle out on mud flats before, so this was an experience and a bit risky as there were some really soft spots. I thought the cracked surface was fascinating.Coral Canyon was one of the most beautiful I have seen in the Rockies. Elliot Peak and Sentinel Mountain are in the background.Across the canyon there were slabs which had inaccessible fossils that I estimate were the size of basketballs. I imagine they were from some bizarre ancient sea creature.The highest peaks in the distance are Resolute Mountain, Mount Cline, and Gruff Peak. Some day I hope to climb Resolute.I believe this is an Engelmann Spruce. The number of the cones on this small tree was impressive.Eliot Peak is the centerpiece for this area as far as I am concerned. The strata lines on it are absolutely incredible.Here is a telephoto shot of Resolute Mountain and Mount Cline.This is the view from the western most summit. There were three highpoints and I found the most easterly the most fun to ascend and it had superior views.Abraham Lake was really low when I saw it on this trip. It is usually full up to the shoreline every summer. Mount Mumford is in the center of this shot.Great skies and a spectacular view from just below the east summit. Coral Ridge is directly below Eliot Peak.Allstones Peak is one of the highest in the area.Mount Michener looks great with the lake curving around it and the cloud shadows passing by.This was my favorite view of the day, again from just below the east summit (the actual summit didn't have any snow and blocked some of this view).Turquoise meltwater from glaciers far to the west empty into Abraham Lake.Eliot Peak again!Yet another awesome day in the Rockies.This Calypso Orchid was one of the most vivid I have seen.I had to drive east to get one last look at Eliot Peak towering over Abraham Lake.