Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "August Peak" and GR873895, August 1, 2011
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Mount Athabasca dominates the view near Wilcox Pass.After the long trek to the end of the ridge to the northwest of Nigel Peak you get an amazing new view.Mount Saskatchewan is unmistakeable with its one of a kind shape.Once again Athabasca is hard to miss, this time above the vivid waters of Wilcox Lake.Lighthouse Tower (left) and other incredible pinnacles sit atop one of Mount Saskatchewan's outliersI was surprised to see Mount Columbia poking up between Snow Dome and Kitchener.This is the phenomenal view of Nigel Peak as seen from the summit of what I have now dubbed "August Peak"This gorgeous turquoise tarn is backed by a sea of mostly unnamed mountains. Mount Stewart is the high snowy peak in the upper right.Here I am at the chilly, but mind-blowing summit.In the distance are Cromwell, Engelhard, Alberta (behind Engelhard), Woolley, and Diadem.This is looking back along the ridge to the false summit which also sports a fantastic panorama. Mount Andromeda is the peak directly above.Beyond the pointed unnamed peak in the foreground are Mount Murchison (left of it), Mount Hector (on the right), Bow Peak, and Mount Chephren.Another great icefields summit, Mount Bryce, appears just over Andromeda's shoulder.The peak just above the snow field in the upper left corner is what I call "Desolate Peak." It was a fantastic trip I did in 2010.A wider shot of the area including Cataract Pass on the left horizon.Sunwapta Peak is to thank for the inspiration to explore this area.This is Nigel from back at the false summit when I was on my way to GR873895.Both the false summit and true summit of "August Peak" can be seen here with Sunwapta in the distance.A much warmer experience atop GR873895 with Nigel Peak taking most of the attention.Two new tarns revealed from my second peak of the day. Mount Wilson is the glacier covered peak in the distant center.