Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Wolverine Mountain", Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, July 26-28, 2014
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For my 41st birthday I wanted to do a 40+ km return trip into Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and camp on top of a mountain for two nights. This is the view at my starting point in Sunshine Meadows.Western Anenomes look very unusual when they go to seed. These were probably the most abundant flower in the meadows.As I approached Citadel Pass I was disappointed to see Mount Assiniboine hidden by clouds.Columbian Grounds Squirrels were also a common sight and not as skittish as their prairie cousins.Fatigue Mountain looks gentle from this aspect above the Citadel Pass area. Note the fresh snow.Mount Shanks looms beyond Citadel Lake. I sure lucked out with the weather!Indian Paintbrush also made for a pleasant journey and are one of my favorite alpine plants.The north end of Citadel Peak has an interesting pinnacle on it. I don't know if this is how it derived its name or not.Assiniboine slowly revealed itself as I headed southwards.Here is another look at the gorgeous green slopes of Citadel Peak.The trail skirting Golden Mountain's west side was a big change from the undulating meadows that preceded it.I am pretty sure that these are claw marks from a bear.Golden Mountain looked great from this angle near the north end of Valley of the Rocks.Nearly 20 km into my trip I got really nauseous and started vomiting. I had to set up my bivy sack (small tent) and call it a day probably due to heat stroke. At least the view was awesome!The next morning I hydrated myself with melted snow, used it to cook with, and pushed on to the summit. It was very exciting to be on such a seldom climbed peak!This is the view to the north and everything nearby is un-named. The highest peak on the distant right is Mount Aylmer.The sky was unbelievably clear at the start of the day.Golden Mountain and Nasswald Peak dominate the view to the northeast. The ridgeline heading towards Nasswald's summit marks the continental divide (British Columbia on the left, Alberta on the right).The valley below Og Mountain (on the right) was beautiful and I imagine rarely (if ever) explored. Allenby Pass is on the left.This was the view from my camp just below the summit. Lake Magog can be seen beyond the meadows. I absolutely love Mount Assiniboine from this angle!