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I wonder how many people detour to check out this great little waterfall. While I was taking this photo a Rocky Mountain Wood Tick climbed up on my back pack. Luckily I spotted the creepy little guy!The colors of the rocks in this area are really enhanced when they are wet. This was in the pool below the waterfall.I really liked the way this meltwater was spilling onto the moss covered rocks.This beautiful flower species is the first to bloom every spring and has many different names including Prairie Crocus, Pasque Flower, Prairie Anemone, and Pulsatilla.The Castle Wilderness area definitely has a different feel to it than the Rockies further north. Drywood Mountain is across the valley.Once again I get to see the best looking summits in the Castle Wilderness. Windsor Mountain and Castle Peak look awesome from almost any angle.This was the first time I have ever seen Geodes outside of a gift shop. I found the salmon color quite unusual.Here's a close look at Castle Peak. I liked the way it looks from here, but prefer the view from nearby Victoria Ridge.The final ridge to the summit was easy, but a little airy feeling with the massive drop towards the prairiesThe striped pattern on this ridge caught my attention. King Edward Peak and Starvation Peak are on the right.Victoria Peak is also one of the highlights of this area. Table Mountain is the low multi-colored ridge to the right of it.It is always hard to not photograph these peaks!Pincher Ridge was a fun bike/hike trip I did with Rob Laird in 2010.The snow hides much of the great colors around this area, but still makes everything look awesome. What a gorgeous day!Commerce Peak and La Coulotte Ridge are the first two snow covered mountains in the distance in this view.The high point of Victoria Ridge can be seen on the right above the other rounded tops.This was a great way to get back into the mountains after a few months away!Pincher Ridge (on the left) looks impressive in this view from near the Shell Waterton Complex.