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After Castle Peak, Victoria Peak is probably the second most stunning mountain in the Castle Wilderness.I was nervous about the snow conditions up high on Victoria, but in the end there was nothing to worry about.The hardest part of this trip was the grunt up this steep ridge covered in loose rocks and dead trees.I could see all the way to Montana. On the left horizon are Kinnerly Peak, Kintla Peak, and Longknife Peak. On the right is King Edward Peak and Starvation Peak in BC.Pincher Ridge is another phenominal early season trip in this area.Castle Peak looks exceptionally gorgeous with snow highlighting its strata. Mount Haig is the pointy peak on the right.I am always amazed to find either insects (like this Ladybug) or spiders walking on the surface of vast snow fields. I am guessing that they are feeding on Collembolas (snow fleas)?This is one of the best trips I have ever done in snow conditions and it is hard to beat views like that of Windsor Mountain and Castle Peak. Victoria's false summit is on the left.The vast Canadian Prairies stretch out beyond Pincher Ridge and Drywood Mountain. Chief Mountain is just barely visible on the extreme right horizon.I never tire of Castle Peak! Other beauties are Tombstone Mountain (center) and Mount Haig (on the right).Prairie Bluff looks pretty small from up here, but it is a worthwhile destination and sports one of the best views of Victoria Peak that there is.What an absolutely magnificent day in the mountains!This is looking at the tame side of Victoria Peak as seen from the false summit.Yet another of my favorite ascents in this area is Mount Gladstone (on the right). Beyond it on the right is Mount Darrah.