Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Moose Mountain III and Peak to the North, July 7, 2012
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Mount Sparrowhawk, Wind Mountain, and the three peaks of Mount Lougheed are the high snowy peaks in this shot. Jumpingpound Mountain is in the foreground with sunlit Belmore Browne above it.Wietse Bijlsma and I decided to continue on from the true summit to Moose's northern peak. The connecting ridge offered some fun hands on sections.This patch of green is a nice change from the sea of grey rock on most of this trip.Here is Wietse on one of the more interesting obstacles on the ridge.Looking back to the true summit and the fire lookout. We definitely found more solitude by continuing to this spot.Mount Bogart dominates this shot, but distant Mount Assiniboine is peeking out to the left of it.The cliffs on Moose's north side were quite impressive.Wietse heads back with Banded Peak, Mount Rae, Outlaw Peak, Mount Glasgow, and Mount Cornwall on the right horizon.Looking back at the north peak. Cox Hill is the large grassy hill on the left.I love this angle of Mount Lougheed's peaks 2 and 1.The defined trail attests to the popularity of the main summit of Moose Mountain. Not long after this Wietse and I enjoyed the fast bike trip back to the parking lot.