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The section of this range just left of center is named Goatview Peak. Spray Lake is is the foreground, with Goat Pond in the distance.This is my favourite angle of Mount Nestor (center). Old Goat Mountain is to the right of it.Mount Lougheed's peak 2 looks impenetrable from this angle.What a gorgeous day!There are not too many places near Calgary that have such stupendous surroundings with so little effort to get to. Mount Lougheed looks awesome with all the snow and shadows.I could not get enough of the views from the top. Mounts Smuts, Shark, and Currie make up the distant peaks on the left.Mount Lougheed"s peak 1 towers to the northeast with the easily accessed backside of Windtower to its left.By far the most incredible view of the day! Mount Sparrowhawk is on the right.This view also fought for my attention!I love the play of light and shadow on these snow covered boulders. They were not fun to navigate though.These type of views are what make me continue to get out to the mountains in winter."Little Lougheed" (on the right) actually looks quite impressive from this angle on the Smith-Dorrien Road. Mount Lougheed's peak 2 is to its left.