Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Nameless Ridge," November 15, 2014
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Mount McPhail is one of the more geometric peaks in the Rockies and one of my favorites, especially from this angle.I love the shadows of the rocks creeping across the pristine snow (well almost pristine, except for the Snowshoe Hare tracks!)Many of the peaks around here are unnamed, but that doesn't make them any less stunning to me.The conditions were so amazing that I had to set up this self timer shot. Mist Mountain is in the distance.Some of these ice crystals almost look like feathers.This is similar to an earlier shot, but it shows more of Mist Mountain's outlier. The sky was so clear and dark blue you would think I had used a polarizing filter!Snow blowing off Mount Loomis was a majestic sight. Luckily I was sheltered from the winds that were causing this phenomenon.This was the best view of the day and probably the most impressive angle of Mist Mountain. If you look closely you can see the hot springs flowing out of the mountain (lower left).I believe these formations are called Sastrugi. This was some of the most intricate patterns I have ever seen on the snow.I had to pose again especially since wind wasn't an issue for setting up a tripod.This was a great ridgewalk! There was just enough snow to make it more challenging.Mist Mountain's upper reaches look great in the late day sun. The true summit is not actually visible from this angle.The peak on the left is unnamed, but a real eye-catcher. To the right of it are Mount Head and Holy Cross Mountain.This is the view back to the summit of the ridge. I couldn't have asked for better conditions!On the drive home I saw these crazy clouds appear and had to stop to take a picture.