Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Wasootch Peak II, April 19, 2015
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Mount Kidd dominates this view with Kananaskis Village just visible below it.The Tiara is the peak on the left of this shot. It is not too often that the front ranges have this much snow on them.The anvil shaped mountain on the right is The Fortress and is one of my very favorite peaks in the Rockies.This lichen-covered outcrop of rock is probably the most interesting feature on this ascent.This is a close-up of The Wedge. I want to scramble up to the summit on the right someday, but I don't know if I can handle the difficult traverse over to the slightly higher summit on the left.Wasootch Tower looks small from up here, but you can tell it is difficult to climb thanks to all cliffs below the top.What a gorgeous day! The hard snow on the last bit of ridge made things a bit more interesting, but I expected this and brought my axe and crampons.The unmistakeable ramp of Mount Lougheed's Peak 2 and the stunning Peak 1 were the best part of the view today. Mount Allan is the lower, triangular peak on the left.Yates Mountain and Baldy's 3 summits stand on either side of Barrier Lake with the Foothills in the distance.Here is a more comprehensive view of the peaks above Nakiska Ski Resort. From L to R are Wind, three Lougheed summits (with Allan below), and Mount Collembola.Old Baldy Mountain is another peak I hope to summit someday, although the short section of steep slabs before the summit have me a bit nervous about doing so.It is surprising how much solitude this area has granted me over the years considering it is close to Calgary.I never tire of the striking forms of the Lougheed peaks.Here is a more impressive angle of the rock outcrop I encountered on the way up.