Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Observation Peak, August 16, 2008
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This interesting snow arch had collapsed by the time I returned later in the day.This is the view to the east of the false summit. Bobac Mountain is the double summit  on the right and Recondite Peak is just visible in the distance on the left.Here is a closer look at the amazing 11,000er Recondite Peak.Howse Peak, White Pyramid, and Mount Chephren make up one of my favorite trios of peaks.Mount Weed as seen at an especially dramatic moment. Murchison and its many towers are to the right.Another 11,000er, Mount Forbes, is clearly visible left of Howse Peak.This is Observation's north glacier and the small peak is named Marmot Mountain.Mount Baker towers over Peyto Peak and is one of the Wapta Icefield's more impressive mountains. On the right in the haze is Mount Sir Donald.A wide angle view of the Mistaya Valley with the massive Mount Patterson on the right.The distant snowy peak between White Pyramid and Chephren is Alberta's apex, Mount Columbia.Here is a self-portrait at the summit. This mountain has permanent cornices on its northeast aspect.Looking south to Mount Hector (the highest peak on the right), with Dolomite and Cirque below it. Molar Mountain is also visible just below the horizon on the left.I didn't know it at the time, but Mistaya Mountain (on the left) would be my next summit. I believe the glacier covered peak on the right is Mount Mummery.The surreal colors of Peyto Lake definitely get your attention. Caldron Peak is directly above it.