Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Junction Hill II, December 14, 2014
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This is probably the most photographed dead tree on Junction Hill, but I think I put a different spin on it.Mount Armstrong and Maclaren are the closest peaks on the continental divide. I love the long shadows that are produced this time of year.This small evergreen casts another interesting shadow on the pristine snow.Mount McPhail is the centerpiece of this area in my opinion. Today's conditions make it look even more spectacular than usual.The fire lookout on Mount Burke takes on an aura  of mystery as the low clouds roll past it.This is the most gorgeous view I have ever had of Holy Cross Mountain.Here is a zoomed in view of McPhail. Someday I would like to go up the ridge below it for a better look.I don't believe any of these ridges north of Mount Burke have official names, but I still think they would be worth exploring. The rocky one is the center is near some interesting pictographs.Peaks of the High Rock Range mark the Alberta/BC border. From left to right are: Strachan, Muir, McPhail, two unnamed peaks, and Bishop.Limber Pines are almost always a source of interesting photographs.