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Riley makes his way along the trail that traverses below the south face of Grizzly Peak. Mount Packenham is directly above him and the unofficially named "Packenham Junior" is on the far right.We could not have for a more beautiful day! Riley watches as Least Chipmunks dart in and out of the rocks on the summit.The lush green slopes are a rarity in the front ranges. Mount Denny and Potts dominate this view with The Wedge in the distance.Riley poses on the summit of Grizzly Peak. This was his first scramble and I thought he did great.Here is another view from the top, this time with the Highway 40 valley below. Mounts Lawson, Inflexible, and James Walker (center) are on the horizon.Mount Evan-Thomas (left) is the highest peak in the Opal Range.The strata on the south end of Opal Ridge was incredible.I could not stop taking photos of Mount Packenham! Mounts Hood, Brock, and Blane are to the right.This photo does not do justice to the narrowest part of the ridge. Riley chose to stay low to reduce risk of slipping or being blown over.I am so glad we came up here when the vegetation was so green! This is my favorite shot of the day.Here is another view towards The Wedge. The meadows look inviting, but I think they are also attractive to Grizzlies.Riley and I had a fantastic day up here and I am sure it is one we will not soon forget.This hard packed scree slope was probably the crux."Packenham Junior" looks more impressive from this angle than from the highway. I love the trail in the foreground bisecting the steep grassy slopes.