Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Tyrwhitt, September 14, 2013
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Pocaterra Ridge is one of my favorite destinations in the Highwood Pass area.The rock arch on Tyrwhitt is amazing. Unfortunately getting here involved going up some very steep and loose terrain as well as slabs covered in pebbles.Grizzly Ridge has amazing colors and strata.Jason Block made standing on top of the arch look like no big deal, but I do not think I would have the nerve to go up there. The massive drop off behind it is enough of a deterrent.Fraser Brooks and Bob Spirko pose proudly at the summit. I had met Bob years ago at a house party, so it was a nice surprise to run into him again.Jason and his friend Cole Warawa continued on towards Mount Pocaterra on this crazy looking ridge.Here I am at the top with my coat looking a bit strange because I put my gloves in my pockets.This shows the rest of the connecting ridge to Mount Pocaterra. Kananaskis Lakes are on the left with the highest peak in the haze being Mount Sir Douglas.Mounts Foch and Sarrail are the peaks in shadow with King George being the giant in the distance and "The Turret" in the center of this shot.Fraser poses again with Mount Pocaterra to his left, then Elpoca Mountain beside his head, and Tombstone Mountain on the other side.Storm Mountain is one of the nicest looking peaks in this area. The smooth grassy slopes below it are Highwood Ridge.The lighting started to improve on Mount Pocaterra as the day wore on.Here is Fraser next to the arch as we made our way down.Storelk Mountain dominates this photo with Mount Bishop standing alone in the distance.I really loved this arch!Mount Pocaterra and Pocaterra Ridge as seen from Grizzly Col. I really like the division of the two colors of rock.Fraser makes his way down the loose and slabby terrain. Storelk mountain is the highest peak on the left.One more look from Grizzly col.Even this panorama of the arch does not do it justice.