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This shot was taken not to long after I emerged out of Rocky Creek Canyon. Opal Ridge North is above and The Fortress is the pointy mountain on the rightI can't imagine too many people have ever seen this view of the Wedge before as the bushwhacking to get here is intense.The Fortress and Gusty Peak look great from this angle. The dark cliff in the foreground is part of The Wedge.The view from the top of the unnamed peak south of Mackay's Mountain was awesome. The Wedge dominates in the center with James Walker, Fortress, and Gusty on the left. Bogart and Kidd are on the rightThese three mountains to the east are all unnamed and probably seldom explored.You can see a good portion of my ascent route in this shot. I was nervous that the canyon would have an impassable section, but nothing ever materialized.I believe the mountain left of center is The Ripsaw and to the right is Mount Denny in the Opal Range.I loved the geometrical shape of this rock I found on the traverse to Mackay's Mountain.This is looking back to unnamed summit. It did have one section which was a bit tricky to negotiate, especially with hard snow on steep slopes.Both of Mount Kidd's summits are visible with pointy Bogart between and the equally pointed Wind Mountain on the right.Fisher Peak is on the left in this shot which takes in the entire traverse between peaks.I loved the in your face view of The Wedge. This really enforces why I think it is often better to be looking at the greatest mountains from nearby as opposed to standing on top of them.My descent route took me past countless great little falls like this one.Finding this moss-covered Moose skull was definitely one of the highlights of the day.The south end of The Wedge looks stunning as I head back into the canyon.