Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Healy Pass Peak and Monarch Ramparts, September 25, 2016
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There were tons of mushrooms beside the trail on this trip. Unfortunately I could not figure out what type these were.The larches in this area are some of the most prolific anywhere in the Canadian Rockies.The Monarch rises above numerous unnamed tarns in this view near Healy Pass.Pharaoh Peaks rise above Pharaoh Lake in this view to the west.Mount Bourgeau shows off its easy ascent side and looks great with the sun shining on all the fresh snow.You really get a sense of how vast the stands of Larches are in this area. Most of the Monarch Ramparts can be seen to the right of the mountain with the same name.This is a comprehensive view of the Egypt Lake area. Scarab Peak is the snow covered mountain on the left with Scarab and Egypt Lake below.There is something appealing about snow-covered boulders.This is my favorite shot of the day. Despite the overall gloominess of this trip there were a few moments where the sun created scenes such as this.Pilot Mountain looks quite unfamiliar from this aspect.Eagle Mountain, Howard Douglas, Fatigue, Nasswald (in the clouds), and Golden make up the range above the Sunshine Meadows.Here is a closer look at the Monarch with the dramatically lit Larches below.These were the last of the bright Larches as I made my way along the Monarch Ramparts.You can see Healy Pass Peak on the right in this shot looking north. Later I would see a Grizzly swimming in the furthest tarn.This is as far as I got on the Monarch Ramparts. When I headed back, there was a new barricade and sign on the trail with the warning of a $25,000 fine for using the trail!