Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Unnamed Summit South of Evangeline Peak, April 9, 2016
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I was excited to explore an area of the mountains I had never been in before and seeing Warden Rock for the first time was amazing! Wapiti Mountain is on the right.I knew there were wild horses in this area, but I had no idea they were so abundant.Here is a closer look at the Ya Ha Tinda area's centerpiece, Warden Rock.This really gives you an idea of how many wild horses are in this valley. Evangeline Peak is in the distance.I took this shot because I liked the bold contrast of the three horses.Even though this view wasn't from the top, this is my favorite shot of the day as I think it really represents the Ya Ha Tinda quite well. Banff National Park boundary is to the right of Warden Rock.Maze Peak is just right of center in this photo and on the upper right horizon is an unusual angle of Devil's Head.The grassy ridge west of the summit would be a great destination on its own. The highest peak on the left is Gable Mountain.I really liked the colors on Evangeline Peak. I think this would be my next choice if I return to this area.I lucked out with the weather for the most part, but as I headed down something started to brew off to the west.I really enjoy walking on the spines of grassy ridges.  The two rounded mountains on the right are Minos and Labyrinth.The lighting on Maze Peak was incredible as I headed back to my truck.I thought the conditions around Wapiti Mountain looked quite surreal as a storm moved in. You would never know from this shot that I had started the day under clear blue skies.Bighorn Falls are an impressive sight and only a short walk from the road. As with most waterfalls, pictures do not them justice.