Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Northernmost Mount Glasgow Outlier, November 8, 2014
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I took the easy way up as I wasn't sure how much snow would be on the crux steps on the ridge. The scenery wasn't very interesting, but I knew I was guaranteed to make the summit.Mount Romulus is the flat topped peak in the center of this photo and my main motivation for coming up here. Mount Remus is to the right of it and on the extreme left is Mount Brock. .Threepoint Mountain and Bluerock Mountain are the two highest peaks in this shot looking south.This shows a good portion of the Nihahi Ridge traverse with Moose Mountain beyond it on the right.The skies were turbulent and I was lucky that any sunlight made it through onto the amazing cliffs on Mount Romulus.You can see some of the damage the Elbow River created when it was in flood in 2013. Forgetmenot Ridge is on the right and the ridge I descended is on the left. I skirted the crux due to snow.These cliffs almost look blue from a distance. I really like the contrast with the forest.Another look at Forgetmenot Ridge and the variable skies. Calgary's downtown is discernible just to the left of Myosotis Peak.The views were still great even lower down on the ridge. What an ominous looking scene with the dark clouds!Pinnacles and large chunks of rectangular rock were a great feature on the lower parts of the ridge.Here is more of the interesting rock chunks with the south end of Nihahi Ridge in the background.One more look at the ever changing skies on this day.