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This was as high as I made it last time as Wietse and I were more interested in climbing Midnight Peak to the south. Mount Baldy's south peak is straight ahead with the north just visible behind it.I am always amazed when certain mountains pop into view even though they are a number of ranges away. This is peak 1 of Mount Lougheed.This shows my ascent ridge on the left and Midnight Peak on the right. The pointed mountain in the center is Tiara Peak.Here is a close up of Baldy's north summit with Black Rock Mountain visible in the distance on the right.The Fortress shows its silhouette behind blustery looking clouds. Mount Kidd is the large peak on the right.Mount Fable is the striking peak on the extreme left of this photo. The normal scramble route for Baldy's north peak can be seen coming up from the lower left.In the center is Mount McDougall with the more stunning (and unofficially named) Old Baldy Mountain on the right.This is my favorite shot from this trip and shows Mount Inflexible being bombarded by west winds.