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Over 25 centimetres of new snow and an unplowed road meant that I had to be creative in my route to the summit on this day. I ended up walking 4 km one way instead of the usual 1.8 from "The Hump."Low cloud over the prairies made for a foggy drive to my starting point and persisted all day. What an incredible spectacle!Here is a closer view of the summit from just before I left the road.Snowshoeing around outcrops like this made the trip more interesting than the conventional way up.You can tell that wind is a constant up here in winter months.Getting closer to the summit. The antennas on the structures up there are just visible.Saddle Mountain and Windy Peak make up this view to the southeast.The eastern cliffs on Hailstone are impressive considering how gentle the west side is.Baril Peak makes an appearance from behind Plateau Mountain.The fire lookout is buried a lot deeper than last time I was up here.This shows my ascent slopes just below center. I stayed in the trees for safety, but at one point I heard a loud "whumpf" as the snow pack settled and I was fully expecting an avalanche.Looking back at the summit just before I descend.This bizarre snow guage is something I had never noticed on previous trips up here.This shows my snowshoe tracks just below where I heard the "whumpf" earlier in the trip.Sentinel Peak was my original objective for the day, but was out of reach with having to park so far away and with the deep powder.