Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Ridge West of Highwood Peak/Highwood Rock Pinnacles, November 17, 2012
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Storelk Mountain is one of the most impressive peaks on the Great Divide in this area.Highwood Peak has a great natural arch on its ridge. Too bad it is so hard to get to.I liked the way the sun was just hitting the top of Highwood Peak.Near the top of the ridge were some thin rock fins turned up on end. In the background is Mist Mountain.Here is a more comprehensive view of Highwood Peak.This is my favorite angle of Mist Mountain. The snow and dramatic lighting really helped to showcase its best features.The clouds rolled behind Mount Muir the whole time I was hiking.This snow was paper thin and still supporting itself somehow!Picklejar Lakes are in the cirque in the middle of this shot and my family and I enjoyed exploring there this past summer.I felt compelled to keep photographing Highwood Peak for some reason.The views towards Mist Mountain were definitely the most appealing part of this trip.On the way back home I decided to return to some pinnacles that I had investigated nearly two decades ago.The Chinook arch and great lighting make this my favorite shot of the pinnacles.This was the highest pinnacle which I would estimate was maybe around 6 or 7 metres high.A last look at one of these bizarre rock formations with Mist Mountain in the background.I stumbled across this bleached Elk antler just before dropping back into the forest.