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January has granted me so many amazing Bluebird days in the mountains! Mount Smith Dorrien, Murray, and Cegnfs are the nearest peaks across the valley.Here is a closer look at Mount Smith Dorrien (left) and Mount Murray (right) with Hero Knob below in the center.The pointy peak below the sun is Mount Warspite and Mount Black Prince is the highest on the right. I want to explore the ridges to the east of them some time soon.Mount Blane and the Blade have always impressed me, but I will probably never try to climb either as they are out of my league.I was happy to have made it to this high point on the way to Mount Kent as the views were awesome!Some of the best parts of the Opal Range can be seen here including Brock, Blane/The Blade, Unnamed, Burney, and Jerram.This is a seldom seen view of Mount Inflexible.It always amazes me how Ptarmigan trust their camouflage so much that they will not move until you almost step on them.The most expansive view was to the south toward the Kananaskis Lakes area. Everything on the center skyline is in British Columbia.Here is my favorite shot I have ever taken of a White-tailed Ptarmigan. Note the fully feathered feet.I had to take one last shot before I headed below treeline as I really liked this lighting.