Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Boundary Ridge II, October 23, 2016
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This is the view from the top of the ridge west of Belmore Browne. Later in the trip I scrambled up to the ledge to the right of the high point on the left of this shot.Boundary Ridge (on the right) is an easy scramble, but nonetheless it sports some great views. Left are Mount Sparrowhawk, Wind Mountain, Lougheed's three peaks, and even the Three Sisters.The brown slopes on the left are where I came from and the highest point on the right is Tiara Peak. Note all the sheep trails on the side of the ridge.Mount Lougheed's three summits are probably the most eye-catching part of the panorama on Boundary. Below Lougheed is Mount Allan on the left and Mount Collembola's two summits on the right.This shot makes Boundary look more challenging than it really is. Old Baldy is the giant peak on the left with the more distant Mount Chester, The Fortress, Gusty Peak, and Mount Galatea beside it.To the north is a sea of peaks with the more notable ones being pointy Mount Fable (left of center) and nearby Midnight peak (below it on the left).This really shows how Moose Mountain is isolated from the rest of the front ranges. Prairie Mountain is to the right of it and Belmore Browne is the dark peak in the center of this photo.I love the sastrugi (patterns on the snow) on this spot just north of the summit. Mount Sparrowhawk and the three Lougheeds steal the show in the distance once again.Here is a more comprehensive view of Midnight Peak (center) with Black Rock Mountain visible in the extreme distant right.This is the view from the ledge I mentioned earlier. The haze gave the whole scene a mystical feel.I really like this view of Belmore Browne with Moose Mountain Beyond. The lighting was great as I descended to the saddle.The early snow really added to the beauty of this trip. Boundary Ridge is on the right.I just had to take one more shot of Belmore Browne. I had already been up there years ago and decided to skip it this time as I had already experienced superior views.The panorama from the ridge south of Boundary is just as beautiful as the summit view.