Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | Mount Indefatigable, August 11, 2012
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Fraser Brooks joined me on this trip and took this photo of me to show how many flowers there were on the ascent ridge.The outlier seemed to be a popular destination on this day and we never saw anyone on Indefatigable itself the whole time we were there. We did see fresh Grizzly diggings near this spot though!Views to the east were obscured, but once we gained the ridge the west looked great. Mount King George and the Royal Group are in the distance behind Mount Worthington with Mount Putnik on the right.Mount Sir Douglas (upper right) and Mount Nomad are momentarily lit as the sky keeps alternating sun and cloud.Fraser took this photo of me on the south summit.The light green area in this valley is the result of revegetation after a forest fire that occured some time ago.Here is Fraser on the south summit with Mount Foch, Sarrail, and Joffre to his right. This was my first trip with him and he did great.The connecting ridge to the north summit can be seen here. If you are even more ambitious you can continue to Invincible and even Warspite (dark peak left of centre).Mount Lyautey dominates this view with muddy Hidden Lake below it on the left.I loved the dramatic lighting to the north. Warspite and Invincible are in the center of this shot.A very content Fraser poses above the beautiful Upper Kananaskis Lake just before we started back down the east side.Mount Fox and Foch rise above the glowing waters of Upper Kananaskis Lake and make up one of the best views in all of K-Country.