Zenfolio | Calvin Damen | "Red Peak" and GR210395, August 14, 2010
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One of the benefits of finding your own route is that you sometimes stumble across scenes like this. I would be curious to know if anyone else has ever seen these falls.The great views begin once you reach the col. This cornice is much larger than it looks.As soon as I arrived at the summit I was amazed to see this Golden Eagle just to the east on an equally high point. It actually took it a little while to be aware of my presense.Mount Sparrowhawk looked quite mystical as the clouds swirled around it.The beautiful wilderness of the area surrounding the North and South Buller Passes. GR210395 is the orange peak on the right.I really liked the dramatic lighting and pronounced strata on Mount Bogart.This demonstrates why this peak was named "Red Peak" by Gillean Daffern. Spray Lake, Mount Nestor, and Old Goat Mountain are in the distance.The Fortress peeks out from behind an unnamed peak in a scene fit for a fantasy movie. Guinn's Pass is the sunlit area on the lower left.This shows the valley that I came up. It had two really cool rock glaciers and tons of wildlife.Here is a close up of The Tower with Mount Galatea in the distance on the left.Mount Buller is a great looking peak that rises above one of the rock glaciers.Once on the summit of GR210395 you are treated to this stunning view of Mount Buller with Eon to the left and Assiniboine to the right.