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This is the view from the east summit looking towards the west one. The two summits to the right of the cairn are Allison Peak and Mount Ward.This ugly enclosure is a brand new edition on the east summit. I think it is a weather station.Gould Dome is one of the best looking peaks on the divide. Mount Harrision is to its left in the distance and one of the few peaks over 11,000 feet in the Rockies.The connecting ridge is extremely long and eventually leads to Centre Peak almost 14 km to the south.This shows the long ridge that I followed to Thunder's summit. Thrift Peak is the light colored ridge just below the horizon in the middle of this shot and Livingston Lookout located there.Crowsnest Mountain and Seven Sisters look very unusual from this angle.The weather station is still visible in this look back along the ridge while I was descending.Mount Livingston is in the distance on the left with the unofficially named Coffin Mountain (also referred to as Mount Speke) on its right. Livingston Lookout is visible in the foreground on the rightI really liked the dramatic lighting on the foothills.I found this area unusual because after a fairly rugged range there are more foothills before the high peaks of the divide. Tornado Mountain is the highest peak and Beehive is the sheer-cliffed one.On the way down the most beautiful scene of the day was laid out before me.The last rays of the sun hit the top of this dead tree just before I dropped into the trees.This was one of the craziest boulders I have ever seen and I have no idea how it formed this way.This spooky looking burned out tree was a great way to end this trip!